COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance (CERA)

The CERA program was started in May 2020 in response to the need in the community to avoid evictions for people who were financially impacted by COVID-19. CERA is funded through the generous support of private foundations and individual donors. As a nonprofit agency supporting housing needs in Southern Arizona through pathways to homeownership and affordable property management, FHR created this Rental Assistance program to support tenants who might otherwise not have the means to pay rent and stay housed. 

Referrals Only Program

Qualification Requirements

  • Applicants must be referred to the program by one of the program referral sources. See above. 

Required Documentation

  • Limited documentation is required to expedite the referral process. 

Program Dates and Details

  • This program is ongoing until funding is depleted. 

This program in made possible because of generous support from: