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Increase your financial stability + improve your monthly cash flow

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Family Housing Resources has teamed up with StuLo to provide you the guidance you need to increase your financial stability and improve your monthly cash flow.  Just like finding housing, we understand that navigating your financial concerns can be stressful.  One such stressor is student loan debt which can consume your monthly expenses and be daunting to identify relief benefits that might be available. FHR and StuLo would like to help by offering the following services.

Student Loan Benefits

  • Reduce monthly payments with loan consolidation
  • Qualify for Federal repayment assistance plans
  • Potential for loan forgiveness
  • Lower monthly loan payments
  • Reduce overall interest paid on loans
  • Potential for loan Access to 300+ banks and credit unions

Financial Wellness Benefits

  • Unlimited telephonic counseling
  • Advice on everyday financial concerns
  • Financial resources and tools
  • Comprehensive 6-month program
  • Correct and remove errors from credit reports
  • Start seeing credit score improvements within 30-45 days
  • There is an identity theft victim every 2 seconds
  • Identity theft affected 16.7 million Americans
  • Protect yourself with constant scanning, threat alerts, and recovery